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There are so many uses for the simple star shape and it carries such significance in our lives. Just think of how many places you see it. On our great country's flag. On the Walk of Fame. There is the Military Star and the Star of Bethlehem. We watch the night sky for shooting stars, even though they aren't really stars, but meteors zooming through space. Stars represent wonder, awe, and achievement in our lives and that is why we have brought you our Star stencil, so you can bring a little wonder and awe into your DIY projects.

The Star stencil is a simple, basic star shape, but you can do so much with it. Paint a Christmas tree on a wall in a community center or other venue and use this stencil to paint the star on the top of the tree. Paint a large star on the wall of a child's bedroom or make star t-shirts or paint a star on a cake.

Yes, you really can do all this and more because our Star stencil is food-grade and can be used on any surface, as long as you have the right paint (or icing) for the medium. Plus, we laser-cut the stencil in a wide range of sizes, including:

  • 6” x 6”
  • 8” x 8”
  • 12” x 12”
  • 15” x 15”
  • 20” x 20”
  • 25” x 25”
  • 30” x 30”
  • 35” x 35”

But just because our Star stencil is basic, it doesn't mean that you can't get really creative. This is especially true when you create a unique design by pairing our Star stencil with one of our other stencils, such as the Moon stencil or the Moon And Stars stencil. Just imagine what a design with these stencils would look like in glow-in-the-dark paint.

The best part of all is using the stencil is simple. All you need to do is secure the stencil and paint. And it's such a basic design that it's ideal for beginners and kids, as well as seasoned pros. When you're done, simple wash the stencil and store it until you need it again because it's 100% reusable!

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