Star Pattern Stencil


Can you imagine a prettier pattern than a star pattern? Stars are beautiful. They represent the best of the best, the attainment of goals, the mysteries of space. If you love stars enough to want to include the in your decor, then we have just the stencil for you. It's our Star Pattern stencil and it's perfect for painting an entire wall quickly and easily.

This is a great stencil design for the walls or ceiling in a child's bedroom, the science section of a children's museum or educational toy store, or a planetarium. No matter how big the wall is, you can cover it quickly and easily with this stencil. The pattern is 18” by 31” and each individual start is 4.5” by 4.25”. That means you can cover a large piece of wall each time you transfer the stencil. And since it has registration marks, you will get the alignment and spacing perfect every single time you shift it.

Not only that, but you can paint this design on any surface, provided you have the right paint for the medium. So, wall paint for walls. Wood paint for wood. Concrete paint for concrete. You get the idea. And can you imagine how much fun it would be to paint this design with glow-in-the-dark paint? It would look completely amazing! Not sure about the stars? We have a huge selection of Wall stencils to choose from, such as our Harlequin stencil.

So, get yourself set up and get ready for the stenciling ride of a lifetime. Each time you paint, make sure the stencil is secured flat to the surface. And when you're done, all that is required is a quick wash of the stencil in warm, soapy water, using a bit of paint remover if needed. Then you can store it safely away for the next time you need it or pass it on to a friend.

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